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Nov 5, 2011
Hi folks! I'm new to this and not sure if I'm even in the right place, but I will just throw my question out here and hopefully will get some help!
We have an RCA truflat tv that was manufactured in 2003..It's not HD or HD ready..our satellite service has been interrupted because of spousal miscommunication
We have dish network 722k dvr receiver..and can still get a few channels right now...I'm trying to find out how I can get local channels for the next two days..
Do I need to get rabbit ears and plug into tv or can I plug into dish receiver? Converter box needed or not? HELP please! I'm clueless about these tech issues!
Oh, and would really like to figure all this out before the big LSU vs Bama game tonight! Thanks a bunch!!


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Sep 29, 2006
Bay Minette, Al
Call Dish and get reactivated... THey will turn it back on immediately.. All it takes is a credit or debit card to make any payment.. Other than that you are going to need a Digital Converter box and an antenna of some sorts hooked to your TV and not the 722K unless you have the OTA module which I doubt you do. You would know..

Roll Tide... Lets get ready to play some Football....

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