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Dec 30, 2009
Hi, i apologize in advance if i'm posting in the wrong forum, this is the closest i can find.

anyway,my question is regarding a satellite/receiver i own which was installed for my family by this one technicial we used to know..anyway, my parents wanted to pick up some polish channels from poland and we ended up receiving 6 channels..this was a few years ago..this is something i meant to take care of a whileago but anyway, now we only have one channel..i spoke to this gentleman last year who told me i need to upgrade my receiver and i will be able to receive all those channels again

the satellite on the roof is: MultiStar

the name and model of the reciever hooked up to the tv: DigiWave DG7000

so basically what i want to know is if anyone knows what i need to do? do i just need to buy a new receiver to replace the current one?

thank you very much
Please reply by conversation.

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