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Sep 11, 2008
Hello dish could not help me with this and wanted to send out a technician for 75.00. I have not used my wireless joey in at least 2 years, Now it will not connect we are 3 routers later. How do you do a factory reset. And before you tell me to go to the menu and push factory reset I have done that 20 times and it will not reset is there a hard key to do it or am I just screwed? I do not want to pay for a technician to come out. Any help would be appreciated.


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Jan 4, 2016
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Yes but do I need to? It will not connect to it. What should I do?
This is confusing me in your first post you where talking about 3 routers, to connect the wireless joey you need either a Dish Wireless access point connected to your Hopper or hard wire a ethernet cable from the joey to your router or a dish wireless dongle plugged in to the usb port to do wireless to your router. So which method are you using?


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Aug 25, 2017
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He's probably seeing the Factory Reset do the scan then reboot and thinking it's done when it's not and he should check to make sure the switch on the back of the Access Point is set to Access Point and not Client. Also, he can connect the WiFi Joey to the Access Point with Ethernet until to connects, then take the Joey back to where he's setting it up and reconnect the Ethernet from the Access Point to the Hopper while the WiFi Joey reboots.

That's how I'd do it, anyway

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