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Too many cables
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Sep 25, 2003
Norman, OK

I saw this movie and was quite impressed. There are so many angles and dimensions as to what happens in the movie, it is hard to wrap ones head around.

It is very refreshing to have such an original movie, it was like nothing I have seen before. Thinking about it, it was like someone took Sex, Lies and Video Tape and crossed it with phone sex. It sounds bizarre and strange, yet somehow it all comes together and works. It is definitely a mature audience film, it deals intimately with human (and computer) relationships and sex lives.

The scary thing about it all is that one can see this happening in a few years. What happens when our electronic devices become so in tune with us that having a relationship with ones computer/phone is preferable to having a relationship with another person? What will happen with the human race?

This movie explores a lot of areas of AI/human interaction in a way that I have never seen done by a film.
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