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Dec 3, 2003
Speaking on today's earnings conference call, Comcast executives re-iterated the company's interest in eventually offering wireless service, by confirming the cable giant will participate in the FCC's upcoming 600 MHz spectrum auction. Comcast has confirmed it has been working on a wireless product for a while, recently reaching out to Verizon to rework a 2011 spectrum-sharing deal. Such a deal could involve Comcast offering a Wi-Fi focused wireless service that leans heavily on Verizon's 4G LTE network.

But Comcast's interest in directly bidding on spectrum this year adds a new wrinkle to the mix.

"We’re going to take a paddle in the auction, which means we’re going to evaluate, consider purchasing spectrum, but only if the price is right after we do our evaluation of what’s available,” said Comcast CFO Michael Cavanagh on the company's earnings call today.

"It’s a very complicated auction," CEO Brian Roberts said of the FCC's upcoming incentive auction. "It’s not clear yet what’s for sale. But you have to make a decision now, and we’re making it."

There has been continued speculation that instead of offering its own wireless service Comcast could acquire a wireless carrier like T-Mobile, but Comcast has repeatedly denied any such interest. And as T-Mobile finds more success in disrupting the market, the price tag for the "uncarrier" will only increase. The FCC's 600 Mhz incentive auction is scheduled to begin onMarch 28.

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