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Oct 25, 2014
:) life
hi i got notice that the internet download speed going from 50 mb to 75 mbs next month speed. i am limited to 1000 gb per month bandwidth. is that good?
like for bandwith? its going to be 79.95 now.
the issue is in 30 days not bad right for that bandwidth allowance shared between two people? i only use it for youtube, bridge game and basic surfing while friend streams 24/7?
i dont think we will run out of bandwith.
we use to have the 750 mb limit. .
should be ok i think..
like streaming is considered downloading but in the sense that your still using bandwidth.
what i wanna know if your streaming your still using up your internet bandwith even if your not downloading to said hard drive etc?

hmm all good.


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Oct 25, 2014
:) life
hmm just check via website from past results i am not even using it as much maybe up 450 gig byte for one month maybe, and then up less for others. also uses magic jack, and magic jack takes up bandwith. so i am straight.
guess it works out good .. hmm
:) and a extra 250 gigs a month of bandwith is good. i am going to start streaming more for myself, as i hardly stream


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Aug 9, 2004
Yeah, you should be good with your habits. As you see you can even get away with using more. :)

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Sep 8, 2003
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It’s hard to reach the 1000 gig limit for most people.

I remember I was trying to sign up a customer for Comcast once and he was complaining about it as a reason NOT to sign up.

Let’s see 100 meg internet with a 1000 gig cap, or 3 meg AT&T with back then it was a 150 meg cap.

Ok sir don’t get any internet. You have no other choices.

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