Hisense Ready to Descend on North America


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May 29, 2006
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The production ramp-up follows Hisense’s recent $23.7 million investment to acquire all equity in and assets of what is known as the Himex facility, formerly owned by Sharp Electronics, plus an additional $30 million investment to update and increase capacity of the factory to 3 million LCD TVs per year. The factory is Hisense’s largest TV production base outside of China.

“As we continue to develop the Hisense brand in the U.S. and the rest of the Americas, we are confident that our strategic investment in HIMEX will pay dividends in fueling our growth,” said Jerry Liu, CEO of Hisense North America. “In addition to enhancing our logistics and fulfillment capabilities through its strategic location, this world class facility will be producing a total of 47 television models that will be available to consumers across North and South America this year”.

The company said HD and Ultra HD (UHD) Hisense and Sharp TVs built at the facility will be offered in more than 10,000 retail locations across North America in 2016, up from 3,000 last year.

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Not necessarily. They bought Sharp's name and tech so I expect them to have two lines. The HiSense brand for those very price conscious and the Sharp brand for the better sets.

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Knowing that the Sharp is not really a Sharp, would you really take the chance? If the Sharp sets are of any quality, they will be priced in line with the big three so why not just get one of them.
Hisense is coming for us and maybe Foxconn also.

Foxconn is building at least a large LCD TV panel FAB here in the states vis a vis they are the parent company of Sharp and not only that HIsense maybe has 4 years left of thier Sharp America's brand licence and word is Foxconn wants it back .:eek

Hisense is the huge PRC global TV manufacturing 800lb gorilla .:bounce

Hisense CES LCD HDR and Hisense OLED HDR panel Hisense OLED TV
road show test mules look entirely plausible at a tier one brand level or nearly so and more plausible at scale than anything Visio ever brought out or made that always turn to rubbish after the hype for thier range topping broad market HDR product they can't do premium HDR TV's at scale so far and they don't make TV's anyway they are an OD storefront and now they been sold to Le Eco :shh

AFAIK beides Sharp TV as a captive brand Hisense makes Insignia and Dynex TV 's for maybe 3-4 yrs now and lots of PRC /Asian product and other global TV product . they have a global footprint just not a lot in the states outside of the Best Buy house brands .

IS HDR worth it?

I need a new TV! Looking for opinions!

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