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Jul 30, 2006
I have been having problems hitting G10R. Everytime I try, I end up hitting Echostar 9 at 121 W. It is almost like 121 is overpowering the 123 signal, but I know that can't be, cause everyone else around here is enjoying the RTN affilliates.

What would be the best active transponder to use when trying to hit it? I even got a Sathawk 3000 last week and didn't hit it. I think we are going to mess with it again tomorrow night.

Also, if anyone has a Sathawk, what is the average battery life? It didn't seem like it lasted long even with the backlight off. And we recharged it right the first time, so we didn't mess up the battery.

Gary Z said:
You are very close, 11800 V is good and 11720 V move the dish slightly to the west and scan those transponders.

Thanks. I will try that. I was just picking a few transponders that had channels, and you would think that with an awesome satelllite meter I would have hit it. But it was my first day with the meter, so still learning. But that is what makes it fun.l
I have never used a meter, just a small TV and the receiver when I got a signal I used blind scan then compared what I found to Lyngsat.....
Gary Z said:

Do you have a motorized system? If not you will have to lower the elevation some to get G10 R

At the moment, no. Waiting for a motor to get fixed. I will try lowering the elevation.

If you're getting 121w (the "Congrats on the Superdish" screen :D ), just move the dish VERY slowly west until you lose quality on 121w. Do a blind scan and you should pick up the G-10R transponders :)
Not sure if your receiver can do this or not but mine has the ability to disable the receiver from "seeing" certain satellites.

On my dish setting for 121, I disable the LNB. I don't watch anything on 121 so there's no point in having an active LNB facing that bird in the first place.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the ideas. I will try them this week. Gotten behind on projects. I love the idea of watching 121 lose signal quality and then re-blind scan to hit 123W, why didn't I think of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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