hns7000/hns9000 having same problem


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Apr 28, 2009
milford, oh
I did a hughes upgrade from a 7000 ku modem set up to a 9000 ka modem set up, the customer stated her 7k would slow down everynight if even able to make a connection, i at the time had assumed her lnb was failing and did not give it much thought since she was upgrading, i replaced the entire system including all the wire outside. She just called me today after having the new system for a week stating she was have the same problem 1751kbs download during day and 141kbs at night. I checked all her levels and the continuity of her wire and found now problems. her sqf remains in the high 180's and her powerword stays at a 37 and her uplink is always passing by at least 1.4. I am stumped on this anyone every run into a similar issue, if so what was the root cause?

thank you:confused:
Or the transponder is getting hammered by high usage.
Well, that's the pat anwswer. The fact that the customer upgraded to the new Ka-band HN9000 system however, argues against that. In addition to new equipment on the ground, that involves changing both satellites and gateway servers as well. Your idea isn't necessarily wrong, but I don't think Hughes has been selling Ka-bandwidth long enough to suspect over-subscription as the cause here. Wildblue has lost thousands of sales due to congested individual spot beams on their Ka-network, I'd think Hughes should have learned from their mistakes.

That said, OnTarget can call installer support and enquire about gateway congestion on the Milford, OH spot beam. But I'd also be prepared to visit her during the reported slow times - with an earth ground tester or a clamp-on ammeter.


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