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Jan 14, 2005
Ashton, SD
I am currently on Directv and planning on switching to Dish network. I have some wiring questions for you experts out there. :)

Currently I have a main distribution point in my basement for all my coax cables. From this distribution point I have 2 coax cables run to each TV. 1 coax cable is my satellite in, and the 2nd coax cable runs MoCA adapters for ethernet over coax. That way all my receivers are hardwired to my network.

My plan is to add a 722k with an OTA tuner. That way I can get by with just one DVR. I want to diplex the OTA signal in with my coax cable coming in for satellite. I would really like to keep the MoCA adapter for my ethernet connection to the 722. The adapter runs on a frequency range from 1125 MHz to 1525 MHz. Could I diplex the home distribution coax with the coax cable running my network? It would really make it easy if I could carry that home distribution signal back to my main location for feeding all the other TV's in my house.

I could go to a wireless network bridge for getting internet signal to the 722 and just use the 2nd coax for home distribution but being hardwired into my network is really nice.


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Nov 29, 2008
I would diplex the OTA signal through your hardline Ethernet connection. The adapter runs on a frequency range from 1125 MHz to 1525 MHz, I think running OTA would diplex at a lower freq. I may be wrong, but should work. Then you can diplex normally your sat line for TV2 and distribute throughout the house.


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May 5, 2007
Salem, OR
High frequency MoCA is out of the question for satellite diplexing. You would need to convert to DIRECTV's DECA (or MoCA adapters that are low frequency selectable).

Make sure you use satellite diplexers to combine and split out OTA and MoCA as MoCA uses an awfully hot signal that might do damage to an unsuspecting OTA tuner.

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