Hooking up a HD and DVR to the same TV


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Jan 3, 2004

I just discovered this forum and I think its Awesome.

My question is as follows:
I just purchased a HD 811 with a DVR 522. I want to hook them up to the same TV. My system is: Yamaha A/V receiver w/3 componet inputs & 1 output and 4 Svideo input w/1 output. A Hitachi HD ready tv w/3 component inputs and 4 Svideo inputs. I would like to have the DVR and HD receivers running simultaneously. I would imagine it would be the same as having 2 sattelite receivers on 2 seperate inputs. Is there any way to wire them together so I can use them at the same time or do I have to watch one input with the DVR (probably an Svideo) and switch to another input (a component) to watch programs in HD.

Thanks for your help and again, great site!
The 522 doesn't have component outputs. Will I be able to run an Svideo from the 522 into the 811 and have my tv recognize it? What about transitioning between the two receivers. For example, I am watching a HD program and want to switch to a non hd program on the 522 so I can use the live pause feature. How do I transition.

Thanks again for your help.
The inputs on the 811 are COMPOSITE, not component. So, yes, it will work.
A friend of mine has this question too. He's got an 811 coming and just got a DVR hooked up. He has a new LNB just installed on 1/23/04 with existing Dish 500 dish.

His installer told him he can hook the 2 receivers up with separate cables from the dish. He has a total of 2 cables coming from his dish into the house. He wants to be able to watch something while recording something else.

The installer ran a cable A & B. "A" supposedly has the HD content from 110??, while "B" has the rest of the programming from other sat.

We are totally confused by this setup. How can he hook "A" up to the 921, and have all channels, while hooking "B" to the DVR and have everything but HD. Is this possible with this cable setup? If not how does he connect them????

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