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May 19, 2012
I have noticed recently that I have had 3 or 4 different series that record multiple episodes the same night.

Latest example: Lone Star Law, Animal Planet

On 8/11 the Hopper 3 recorded the fist episode at 7:59 to 9:08PM (1 hour, 9 minutes). Then I have a second recording of the same episode 10:30 - 11:08pm (Episodes Window for that show reports 38 minutes??). When I play the that version the status bar at the bottom of the screen when I pause the show reports 38 minutes. If I press Info on the remote it reports "59 minutes remaining". After playing the show, it ended the playback of the show early at 38 minutes.

The Schedule list for future shows does not list duplicates. I also don't have duplicate timers. Rebooting doesn't eliminate the issue either.

This scenario has happened on multiple occasions and with different show recordings on different channels. I usually delete the shows in the Episodes List window with the shortest recording time listed.

Yet another bug for the Hopper 3. Hopefully this gets resolved soon. Hopper software really needs additional testing to eliminate issues like this!

Hopefully someone from Dish reads theses forums and opens up a defect report on this issue.


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Nov 25, 2003
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Yes ,I've see that happen even on ota recordings. Like last night I recorded DIE Monster , DIE on a sat channel and I got one full recording of 1hour and 30 minutes and I also got a second recording of the same title for ten minutes. At first I thought it was split, but I got the full movie on the longer recording ,so I don't know why there was a second one at all.


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Sportscenter does this and sometimes HBO and Starz for the originals. Otherwise no issue and unless I know there was some weather during the first recording I just delete the second one and don't think about it. I usually hover between 10-20% full so duplicate recordings aren't a huge deal for me I just treat them as weather backup if needed

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