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Nov 14, 2020
Castaic, CA
After over two years of NOT having my EHD's disappear every few mornings,...as of about a month and a half ago they began not showing up every few days or so.

This has not happened since 2016-17 when this was an ongoing issue for lots of users. Back then the people at Dish told me everything from "you can't have more than one EHD" to "you can't use those drives"...of course the drives are both 2TB WD My Book external powered USB 3.0 just like their site recommended. So, back in 2017, after trying various configurations of plugging the drives into the rear USB ports, the front & rear ports, etc. I decided to add a powered USB hub plugged onto the USB 3.0 port, with both EHD's plugged into the hub and, guess what, problem solved! Of course the forum moderator, who I'd been PMing (the one who had told me that those drives wouldn't work and to buy new drives), told me at the time that using the powered hub plugged into the one USB 3.0 port would not work so I guess he was wrong since for the past two+ years I haven't had ANY issue with the EHD's disappearing...maybe he meant they wouldn't work for more than 2 years :coco

I haven't contacted Dish yet but was curious if anyone else had experienced this recently.


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