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Feb 8, 2007
I feel really dumb asking this, but here goes.

Common scenario 1: I select a program on the Guide and press Record. Suppose it is a sports program that I think may run more than one hour over, or it is a regular program that I know will run late. How do I extend the recording time at this point? I have been just recording the next one or several programs on that channel, speeding through the first hour of the first extra program if it is a sporting event. Then after the event is over and we have watched, I have a lot of clutter to delete from my recordings. What is the better way to do this?

Common scenario 2: We are watching a recording and realize that the event is going to run over the recording time. I have been doing the same thing as in scenario 1, going to the guide and recording later programs. I don't want to go to Live mode on the program we are watching because that would be a spoiler. What is the better way to do this?

Thank you for your help.
For either scenario:
Just press the 'Record' button again while the program is recording. There will be a pop up menu that says to press 'Select' for timer options. When you press 'Select', there will be an option to extend the timer.

Edit: You did not mention which receiver you have. I described how it works on my Hopper...but I if I remember right, the procedure is similar with the older receivers.
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also on The also on The Hoppers I believe once you press the record button the first time a message comes up telling you to press the button again for timer options then from there I think you can extend the time even more. Of course if it's a sports program does not dish automatically put an extra hour at the end of the pad?

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