Hopper 3 H373 update 04/24/2024

I just got it on our Leased H3 right when we wanted to start using it at 1:30pm. Although Updates and whatnot are scheduled for 5am, they "Always" wait until we want to use it. Never while it's "sleeping".

I'll have to force it on the Owned H3. Otherwise it won't get it.

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I received H373 update overnight. Haven't had a chance to check and see what has changed. Good luck to everyone.
I received H373 yesterday. One thing I noticed is a "Signal Protector " popup during weather related signal loss. The popup offers to switch to streaming instead. There is a check box to make it automatic. Works quite well so far. I haven't found a way to uncheck the box that makes it automatic.
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I found the setting on the Diagnostic page. Press Home 3x then Network then Internet settings the Advanced tab. The feature can be turned on and off here.
I downloaded H373 on my H3 & H3 Plus. I see the new Signal Protector setting in my H3, but not my H3 Plus. Do you know why not for my H3 Plus?
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Auto Hop?

Will MAV ever come back?