Hopper 3 / OTA Channels Not Working (1 Viewer)

Michael Graham

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Dec 26, 2015
Kansas City, MO
Hi All,

I've been using the Dish USB OTA adapter on my Hopper 3 for about a month now. A few days ago, the Hopper3 started not allowing me to view any of the OTA channels. Each channel remains in the guide. When I select the channel, the choose tuner screen appears, as if the single OTA tuner was already in use. However, no other receiver is listed as using the single OTA tuner.

I've reset the DVR with the red reset button as well as completed a hard reboot. Still no luck.



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Apr 14, 2004
Rock Hill, SC
Maybe try unplugging the OTA adapter, let the H3 restart, then plug the OTA adapter back in, and let the H3 restart again...then try your channels and see what you get. If the H3 is running fine otherwise, it could be the OTA adapter has gone bad.

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