Hopper 3 rebooting after RCA cable hookup


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Apr 24, 2023
Austin, Tx
So, my hopper 3 has been behaving well for months. I'm a new sub as of May 2023.
Today I connected a RCA-Coax adapter very similar to the picture below. Tested it on my second tv, where the signal is going to, and it worked right off the bat.
Then after a few minutes the Hopper went into a reboot cycle on it's own without me touching anything.
Finally I unplugged the hopper for a few minutes and after it booted up it again was rebooting.
One last time now I unplugged it for about 5 or so minutes, unplugged the RCA cables, and plugged it back in. So far it's been 10 minutes without a reboot.
Is there some known issue with the RCA ports with a Hopper.
I used this same setup with my Tivo Roamio and never had any issues at all.
PS, My Hopper is on a dedicated UPS with surge protection, cables are all 'new'.


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Just to be certain, you have yellow to yellow at both ends. Same with red and white. The yellow is very important. Or, is this an RF converter that converts the y/r/w to an analog channel.
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Rebooting from stuff being connected generally means it's shorting out. So either the hopper itself is bad (they're all refurbished and I'm convinced they don't check everything). Or the rf modulator or second TV is back feeding voltage. So work your way from the TV back to the hopper. Disconnect coax on second TV and see if it stops. If that doesn't work unplug power from rf modulator nit leave all cables connected. If neither of those work it's the hopper.