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Dec 17, 2005
Looks like Dish is using a little bit of SLING in their setup box Hopper 3.

Was going through Hopper guide and noticed new channel - 886 ALMA AlmaVision Hispanic Network.

What makes this channel different from others is, that below the channel name there is a word saying

Stream-( In green letters). SEE PIC BELOW

When you click to go into channel a Dish like logo comes on as it delivers the tv stream.

Maybe this is something Dish is planning in the future.

One they could add more streaming channels to people connected to internet via their set top box.
Secondly they could have a backup stream of a certain channel(s),

Say someone is watching a game on ESPN and its within the last few minutes of the game.

A rainstorm comes up. BAMM - NO SIGNAL.
No worries.. Hopper 3 automatically switches to the streaming version..
They end up seeing the entire game or show..

Subscribers could really benefit from that, and it would put DISH at 100% reliability for sure.
They already own SLING, and are working on internet solutions as we speak.

Just thought I would share, this if in case no one has noticed this..


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