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Jun 9, 2006
I upgraded from an original Hopper to a Hopper3 last Friday. Everything going smoothly so far. The one glaring issue for me is the difference in the way timers work on the H3 as compared to the original Hopper:

1) Can’t set a DVR timer on a specific channel for a show that’s not in the guide right now, even if it’s a current show (e.g. Criminal Minds is skipping a week right now) and I know what channel it will be on (CBS). The H3 automatically creates a Seek timer which wastes resources looking for that show on all channels.

2) For shows that are in the guide and appear on multiple channels (e.g. Law and Order SVU new episodes on NBC, re-runs on several other channels), you can’t create a single Seek timer to get all new and re-runs on all channels. You have to set individual DVR timers on all the different channels that show might air on.

3) There is no no way to change a Seek timer to a DVR timer (or vice versa) to correct cases of issue #1 or #2.

4) If you search for something “unusual” that the H3 doesn’t recognize at all (e.g. Surviving Evil) it won’t even let you set a Seek timer for it, just says nothing found.

5) Can’t set a seek timer for a person’s name (e.g. comedians like Gabriel Iglesias or Jeff Dunham) to record all shows where their name occurs in the show title (i.e. each time they release a new special/performance).

6) Can’t select SD or HD. This is useful when re-runs of an old SD show air on an HD channel. An HD recording of an SD show wastes a lot of disk space.

7) Re-ordering priorities doesn’t work. Yes, this is less of an issue now with 16 tuners (conflicts are rare) but there are still cases where it is useful. While it is possible to change the priority by editing an existing timer, it doesn’t really work. The list of timers does not re-sort into the new order, and I frequently see two or more timers show the same priority until I exit completely out of the DVR screen and then go back in again.

Any workarounds for any of the above would be appreciated. Actual permanent fixes from Dish would be even better...


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Aug 24, 2016
#4 may be an ongoing guide data change issue (in case you haven't heard about it)

#6 when I got my H3, I was upset about not having the SD channels I used to have (apparently because the new dish pointed to different satellites), and since then they have removed even more, but I got over it, they are making room on the satellite for more channels/content/4K
(never had a H1, so don't know your exact issue, but if you have the channel in SD, select record from that channel in the guide-many HD channels have no SD versions)

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