Hopper 3 tv inputs

Harold l

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Dec 25, 2019
Offutt afb, Nebraska
I have a hopper 3 , Sony ATMOS soundbar ht-9000f, and a sony x900f 75 inch tv which has four 4K inputs. Input 2 and 3 are enhanced, and 3 is ARC.
Currently I have hopper on input 1, Xbox one x on enhanced input 2, and the soundbar on the enhanced ARC input 3 to support Dolby atmos.

In basic terms, is this a good setup, or should I be imputing the hopper thru the soundbar to a enhanced tv input?

Thank you in advance. - Harold

Tony S

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Sep 7, 2003
Hills of Eastern CT
As long as you are sure that your enhanced ARC port passes the full audio signal to your soundbar, it should not matter. My older TV has an ARC input, but it does not pass all of the newer audio formats, so for me, it was better to connect the hopper output to the soundbar first.

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