Hopper 3 won't turn on


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Aug 18, 2006
Elyria, OH USA
just proactively reboot the Hopper every day when you leave for work. It will then be rock solid for an other 24 hrs.
Seemed that the old Hoppers used to auto reboot at 1am.
Bet they have a memory leak in the software. Kind of like Windows, works best if you reboot daily.
Im sure they will fix this, just takes time.
Over the Air Tuners, External Hard Drives, and using the Media App to stream live TV or movies from your PC make it worse.
Mine has been rock solid without rebooting, so far.

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Mar 10, 2016
Saint Louis mo
Ok, yesterday I had dish replace a joy2 with a 4K. I had the hopper3 moved to were The Joey was because I was sick of Messing with that every morning. So this morning I turn the hopper3 on with no problems at all and were it use to be were the 4K Joey is now had issues of not wanting to show A picture until I reset the Joey4k. Needless to say I could tell you 100% it's not a software bug it's a voltage issue or a grounding issue with your house were that outlet is.


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Mar 20, 2006
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I have this problem also, it records and runs my 4k joeys fine, but wont turn on. It also doesn't display the standard standby screensaver, just a black screen. Happens every day or every other day.
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