Hopper+ - Freezes Live TV when TV powered on when HDR is turned on


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Apr 29, 2009
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On my Hopper 3 (software H367) with Hopper+ (software P12407) - whenever I turned on the TV (LG 65EF9500 3D OLED) regardless if it's from the front panel or with any remote (DISH, Amazon Firestick, XFinity) - the live tv will completely freeze at the same time the TV shows HDR On so it appears the Hopper+ is detecting when the TV is turned on via HDMI. The only fix for is either changing the channel or skip back/rewind even for 1 second but then it seems the clock says the video had been paused for 1 hour or more as the position and the paused timer will be atleast 1 hour or more before and I basically have to forward or hold the back button down to get it to Live TV. This doesn't happen with the Hopper 3 only and happened even with the Hopper+ with software P11701). Occasionally, there are a few times when it does not freeze Live TV and works even HDR is detected but that's probably like 1 out of 10 times.
It is a common problem. Do not believe the hopper+ is the cause. Myself and the dish tech removed the hopper+ from the configuration (it is sitting on the floor unplugged). Still have every problem you mentioned. I have TCL with Roku tvs and also Roku branded tvs. I have gone to turning TVs on and off with the Roku remote and then using the Dish remote and occasionally the problems will not occur. If you just turn the tvs off and on with the Dish remotes then everything you mentioned will occur. I think it is a dish remote and or software problem on the Dish side... not the TVs

I relayed the fact when I turn the TVs on and off via the TV remotes the problem does not always occur. His response was interesting... they had not approached it from the remote side before and was going to relay the info at their next internal meeting.

My main problem was my wireless joey 4s losing connection/link with the Joey WAPs... I think that problem may be resolved by installing several joey waps and connecting the joey waps to nearby mesh routers via ethernet cable... then pairing the wireless joey 4s to the the nearest Joey WAP.
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For me, it's the Hopper+ because the problem only happened when I had the Hopper+ connected which was a few days at the end of May 2023 when the Hopper+ was installed. It doesn't happen when the Hopper+ is disconnected and removed from the equation so only the TV was directly connected to the HDMI of the Hopper 3. My problem happens whether I turn the tv on/off from 1) the TV's front panel power button, 2) DISH Remotes, 3) LG TV Remote, 4) Comcast/Xfinity Stream Media Box remotes and it only happens when the Hopper+ is connected to the HDMI directly instead of to the Hopper 3.. It's like the Hopper Plus detects the tv got turned on and then pauses the live tv or something and happens probably 98% of the time and sometimes it will not happen. So ofcourse it's not the TV but the Hopper Plus in my case because remember the problem does not exist with the Hopper 3 directly connected to the TV.
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This problem had been fixed with the Hopper Plus software that came out after P12407 in the P124xx series and remains fixed in P12506 and P12509 so it no longer freezes when the TV is turned on while the Hopper 3/Hopper Plus are still turned on.
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