Hopper skipping timers without conflict


SatelliteGuys Pro
Mar 29, 2006
I have had several scheduled shows skipped even though there is no conflict. The first was "Game of Thrones" on 4/1. A fews days becore i checked the daily schedule and it was set to record. There was nothing else scheduled at that time and the Hopper and Joeys were in Standby. For some reason it skipped the recording.

It rescheduled the recording for 4/3. It also skipped that one. When I went into the timer's schedule it showed the reason for skipping as "already scheduled". It did not record until I manually turned off the skip option on 4/4.

The same thing happened last night to another show I had scheduled for last night. It skipped it am recorded a rebroadcast this morning.

It has not happened with network shows - only networks with numerous rebroadcasts.

It has happened while my Hopper was on S204 and since it upgraded to S207. Anyone else seeing this weirdness?


SatelliteGuys Family
Dec 14, 2007
The same this is happening to me, except it's not recording the rebroadcast either. 90% of the timers record properly, but the others don't record. They all say "Already scheduled" but scrolling through the schedule reveals that they aren't going to record at all unless I manually override it.