Hopper Upgrades

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Thanks to Mary/D.I.R.T.

Mary with D.I.R.T. Helped me with my upgrade very happy. Everything went great. Went from 3 VIP 722K's. To 2 HWS and 2 Joey's also Has the OTA units for both Hoppers as well as a new Dish which enabled me to get My Sat Locals. Which BTW I did not have before! Very very happy!
I would like to be contacted by DIRT about upgrade options. We are currently running a leased VIP622 that seems to be on its last legs (running very slowly, freezing for 5-10 second periods). We would like HD on our second TV going forward as well. I'm assuming we'll need to go to a Hopper and Joey? Thanks in advance for your help!
Hopper Upgrade

I am also looking to upgrade to the Hopper and would appreciate a message back from the DIRT team.

cost to upgrade

Can a DIRT memeber tell me what it would cost to upgrade from a Hopper 2K to a Hopper with Sling? I'm trying to decide if i should upgrade or just buy a sling adapter.
Hello - I would like to be contacted regarding replacing my existing 1st gen Hoppers (without built-in sling) to Hoppers with Sling. Thanks!
I would like to be contacted by dirt. I have two hoppers (old). One of them freezes weekly. I would like to replace it with a hopper with sling.
Upgrade to Hopper/Joey system

Please contact me regarding upgrading from 722/622 to Hopper/Joey with RV add on. Thank You...
Please reply by conversation.

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