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Jun 3, 2004
Hi my name is Nikk811 and i've been an installer for a very long time for Direc TV in the Salt Lake City Area and Moved down to the Houston area for 2 Yr now and was wounder about going into Bussiness in doing installation through Direc Tv or Other big Company ..but i'm getting a run around with other small bussiness on doing it ..i guess they don't want you takeing there job to make a living ..they rather have you work under them ...i understand completly..and i'm doing the same thing ..trying to raise a family too ...i take great pride in my job when doing installation they are to me ....who put food on my table...if my customer are happy then my company who i contract for is happy and direc tv is happy ...now that i know lots of guys here in the Houston area ...i want to run this installation buessiness and i know i need help.....i have these hard working guys and no contract yet ...but hopefully a company will see my cry for help and answer...my cry...till then i'll keep cheking ...Thank you . your tech Nikk or Mobile #832-512-9854
Please reply by conversation.

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