How can I pickup 121 without a superdish?


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Nov 25, 2003
Can anyone tell me a way to pickup 121 without buying a superdish. I've upgraded to a superdish at home to get my local channels, but I like to take one of our recievers up to the cabin on the weekends. I have a dish 500 there (with dishpro LNBs). Is there a seperate smaller dish sold that will work with my existing dish? A seperate question I have is ...will my reciever work (at the cabin) without a signal from 121 now that I've upgraded my programming at home? i.e. Will the reciever recognize it is not connected to the superdish?
You will need a superdish, it needs to be that size.

the answer to your second question, yes it will work you just need to do a switch test every time you move the receiver.
Many build their own 121/105 youhave to use a 36" dish and legacy equipment. Search the forums for threads on doing this.

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