How detailed is the log on your account??


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Dec 14, 2003
Several folks have suggested that if you get a "bad" CSR or don't get the answer that you want, you should hang up and call back.

Doesn't Dish make a log entry in your account each time that you call in?

In other words. If you first talk to "Billy" and then call back and get "Jane," doesn't she already know that "Billy" said "NO"?

I haven't called-in for a while, but I assume the first question that they ask is for your account number. I also assume that they can pull your information automatically from caller ID. :eek:
They don't always note the account (even though they say they will)
I always ask if they have my account up before I start.

Perfect example
Last Thursday, I moved and added the Duluth, Mn locals (woo hoo!!). Yet, I still had Minneapolis locals and my 2 distant FOX. I called Friday afternoon to verify what was on the acct, and everything still was. I asked if it was possible to keep both Mpls & Duluth and "as long as I had Mpls before, I can keep it" (although she was totally wrong). I thought about deleting Mpls, but since Dish charges $5 to downgrade, I said nope. She was going to note my account that if I decided to cancel Mpls locals, they would waive the $5 fee (since technically I don't qualify for them).
Went home Friday night and turned on the old 5000 and it went "boom" ( hell of a popping noise came out of it). So I swapped that out with the 301 and called in to do the swap. As we were waiting for the receiver to cycle through everything, the guy was looking at my acct to see what he could upgrade me too, and noticed I had 2 local DMA's. He asked me if I knew that, and I told him about the call I had this afternoon. NOTHING WAS IN NOTES...There was no record of me calling in.

very interesting that they didnt note it.

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