Interesting DVR bug!?!


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Sep 10, 2003
Hayden, ID
Last night I was recording 2 shows at once.
#1 Friends on SD locals via Dish
#2 Survivor-All Stars on CBS-HD via Dish

I had another 3rd channel paused prior to the 2 timers firing. The timers started. When I went to unpause, I got the pop up to chose which of the 2 recording shows to watch. I chose CBS-HD. This was ~ 25 minutes into recording.
Well, after tuning to CBS-HD, I then went into DVR menu to "start over". It DID NOT!! I did not get any kind of error. Ever while recording/watching for a while, I could not even reverse or pause. The info banner said REC & the red dot was present on the DVR menu.

SO, I decided to go on my computer until the timer finished.

When I came back, Friends had recorded normally.
The Survivor episode said ZERO minutes recorded!!!! :mad: It almost did not let me out of the menu either. Luckily, it released me & I was able to delete the zero minute recording w/o a reboot :confused:

L149HECD-N March 6
Boot V. 120B
Flash V. F051
I have had 2 0 minute recordings as well. In my case was not even recording another show on another channel but was tuned to another channel. Red light stayed on entire time it was supposed to. After red light went off, went to DVR screen tried to play recording and ) seconds error 679.

This latest release is much worse for me so far. I wasn't having that many reboots with last release (less than 1 per week). I wonder if we can get the old software release back until L180 is retooled?

510 and OTA locals recording. Is it possible?

How detailed is the log on your account??

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