How do I find model number for Hopper 3 with Sling?


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Feb 4, 2020
Ken ta kee
Hi everybody;
I purchased a Samsung tv to replace my aging Vizio yesterday. During setup I was asked to enter information for my provider. I selected Dish from the list. Then the manufacturer's name for the device. That was easy to find. Easy to see 'Echostar' behind the Hopper. Weirdly, the last thing I needed was the model number!

There is a label on the back side of Hopper.
2 barcodes and bunch of numbers/letters. Neither says S/N. Obviously, that's not what I need. I was hoping to see model number.

Samsung says the tv remote gives you more options if this information is entered. I temporarily skipped this step.
Do Hopper settings provide this on tv? Do I need to call customer support for help?

Thanks for any suggestions.
The only thing you would find on the Info screen would be the receivere ID #. Hopper 3 is the model. Your Samsung will just have to work with that.
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