How do I record in SD with 811 receiver

dan in la

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May 17, 2004
I recently swapped out my dvr to put in the 811. i have an extra tivo but i'm unable to use on to record standard def b/c the audio is coming through digital input, which tivo doesn't support. is there a way to set it up to get the signal using s-video for tivo and component for the 811? also, i have an extra line coming from the satellite - can i use that line to add a 508 receiver and then somehow toggle back and forth between the 811 and the 508? thx
I don't understand your audio question/problem.

As for hooking up the 508 - if it's really a good satellite feed, no problem.

If you're confused about driving your TV from multiple video sources, I don't think I can help you there.
i wanted to hook up using s-video for tivo only and watch tv through component hookup. but i have an optical audio connection - so i'd have to go rca all the way for tivo to work, right?

i guess the question is whether you are able to have a different audio hookup when viewing tv through component vs. s-video?
Rca audio, s-video into tivo, umm I have a 6000 does the 811 have 2 sets of composite jacks? ie, video, Left and Right like most other sat recievers. If using optical to home theater reciever it wont matter anyway... unless you want to listen to tv speakers. ok then Rca audio, s-video in to tivo, component video and other rca's in to tv and optical in to home theater reciever. S video out and rca out from tivo to aux, dvd etc tv jacks should work.
Mine works good this way:

Optical------------------Sony Amp

811---RCA-------TiVo---Sony Amp


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does your sony tuner have 2 tv inputs? my denon avr has one tv setting that needs to be either digital or non-digital (eg. optical or rca). it doesn't seem like i'm able to tell it to use optical when viewing tv through component and rca when viewing tv through s-video. thx for your help