How do I tell which Motorola STB I have?


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May 24, 2004
North Ridgeville, OHIO
Not a satellite question, but I figured some of you may know.

I recently swapped out an old digital Motorola SD cable box with a new Motorola HD digital box. The box is from Comcast in the Cleveland area. I asked my installer which model the box was and he was clueless. I know that it is either the Motorola 5100 or Motorola 6200, but I don't know which one.

I looked these boxes up on Motorola's website, and they look identical in appearance and very similar in features. The 6200 is the newer version, and the Comcast installer said that he just received some new boxes and the box he gave me was only the second one he had ever installed. But what's new to him, might in fact be the old 5100.

So, what is the difference in these boxes, and how do I tell which one I have?

I am sending an email to Comcast also.

I have had a few digital cable boxes from motorolla and general instruments. They have a sticker on the bottom with the model number.
Thank you. I just checked and its the DCT6200.

You know its funny because Comcast just called me to see how my install went. I said fine. She said did you have any questions that the installer couldn't answer. I said Yes, what model is my Motorola HD box? She said, it the DP5100. I said, OK, thank you......What frickin' idiots these people are.

Anyway, thanks for the tip.

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