How do u hook up a superdish and dp34?


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Jan 11, 2004
Friend of mine got tired of waiting for dish to come and install one so he bought one And i didn't ask where..Anyway he got the superdish already put together..He mounted it on his house already..He has about 20 feet of rg6 cable from the dish to the dp34 switch..Which cables go where?He tried hooking the 3 cables up to the input of dp34 switch well he either gets 110 and the other 2 show up as no connection or he gets 110 and 119 if he switches the cable around but he never gets all 3 sats 110,119, and 105
I assume there is a special order they have to go onto the switch..I tried looking at mine but all my wires r covered up..
It makes no difference where you hook up the lines. After you hook up the lines then you should run a check switch. it would be my guess he has not found 105 yet if he is only showing 119 and 110.
Not only is there a special order that the wires have to go on the switch but a multi-step process that needs to be done as follows.....

> Make sure the receiver(s) are DishPro. If not he will need to buy an adapter for each receiver or buy new receiver(s) that are DishPro. {P.S. The new DP+44 switch coming out this spring will have the capability of doing four slots and come with a built in DishPro Adapter.}

> Make sure there are no trees or objects blocking the dish.

> Make sure the mast is plumb. This is one of the most important parts to the install because it makes the numbers to set the dish at true (elevation and skew). Mast must be plumb on all sides to ensure the skew and elevation numbers will be true. This makes for a MUCH easier install.

> Next make sure he sets the skew first according to the section in the booklet. If you have the 105 SuperDish look at the 105 section in the back of the booklet, if you have the 121 SuperDish look at the 121 section in the back of the booklet. It will give you skew, elevation, and azimuth numbers. The skew is the four bolts where the reflector is attached to the arm. The elevation has a bolt that you tighten on each side where the top of the mast pushes up through. Once you set the skew do NOT adjust it again, only adjust the azimuth (rotating dish to the left and right) and the elevation (tilting the dish up and down slightly) to get a lock onto the signal. Elevation has numbers 10-60 on the side while Skew has numbers 30-150 at the top (showing the numbers from highest to lowest, 150 being on the left side and 40 on the right side, 90 being in the middle).

> Make sure you label your wires for 105/121, 110, 119 so you know what wire is which because it DOES matter.

> You will need to go to the signal strength screen, select the 119 satellite slot for the 105 SuperDish (110 satellite slot for the 121 SuperDish) and choose transponder 14. I know that one works. Some transponders will not display a signal because of spotbeams only sending down signals to certain areas of the country.

> Go outside to the dish and attach the 119 lnbf wire for the 105 SuperDish (110 lnbf wire for the 121 SuperDish) - which would be the outermost lnbf opposite from the 105/121 side - to port 1 of the DP-34 switch. Fine tune the signal moving the dish slowly left to right until you hit the signal. If you are unsuccessful then move the elevation up/down by one degree then try again. A pair of walkie talkies with VOX functionality makes this a LOT easier to where you can listen to the signal audio from the tv connected to the satellite receiver.

> Once you receive a signal from 119(SD105), 110(SD121) select check switch.

> You will now need to go back to the signal strength screen and select the 105 or 121 orbital slot (105 for the 105 SuperDish, 121 for the 121 SuperDish). The 105 SuperDish is plastic/fiberglass with a 2 2/8" diameter mount pole while the 121 SuperDish is metal with a 2" diameter mount pole. I know that transponders 4 and 7 work here for my area but other transponders work as well. Dish recommends you use transponders 2, 7, 18, or 23 for the 105 satellite slot or 15, 16, 20, or 21 for the 121 satellite slot.

> Now detach the wire from the lnb port 1 on the DP34. You will now need to attach the 105/121 wire to port 1, 110 to port 2, and 119 to port 3. Once the signal is found you will need to do another check switch and checkmark the SuperDish/129 box while doing this check switch. It should show All for 105/121, 110, 119 for the check switch summary after it is done. Now press view. You may notice that it is doing a check 0 of 5 or something similar to this. Let this run through. It may also update the program guide at this point or when you try to access the program guide the next time.

Do not forget to tighten down all the bolts after the signal has been peaked.
Thanks we finally got it...I went and home and turned on my receiver then went to check switch and found mine was setup like this port 1 119 sat port 2 105 sat and port 3 110 sat..We hooked is up the same way and everything worked fine..He now gets all 3 sats..
Stargazer said:
Not only is there a special order that the wires have to go on the switch but a multi-step process that needs to be done as follows.....

> Make sure you label your wires for 105/121, 110, 119 so you know what wire is which because it DOES matter.

Well Stargazer i dont know how many Super Dishes you have installed but it looks like to me you have read the book on them..I would have to agree on most everything you said but i would use Transponder 11 on both 119/110. Personal preference on that one. But There are short cuts to ever job and most dealers would hook the cables up directly bypassing the DP34. I personally hook up to 119 find it then hook up 105 and peak it out. then i un-hook the calbe and hook all three leads up to DP34 in an order if you want and run a check switch. If you have a good meter ie birdog you dont have to do anything but find and lock on to 105/121 and hook all the leads to the DP34 and go inside and run check switch. But like i said if you have found 105/121

IT DOES NOT MATTER IN WHAT ORDER YOU HOOK UP THE LEADS GOING TO THE DP34 ON THE SUPER DISH AS LONG AS YOU DO A CHECK SWITCH AFTER YOU MOVE THEM. Try it on ur own change them on the DP34 and run a check switch and it will find all them it will change the order on the switch and work fine.

I hook mine up one way and another good installer hooks his up another way and they both work fine.
I had difficulties hooking mine up the first time I tried to install a SuperDish which was at my house and when I followed the book everything started to come in as it should have. Ever since then I did the same thing because I knew it would work. I will have to remember that next time, I will just use a barrel connector and hook up 119 to the 119 lnbf (on SD105) bypassing the switch then hook up 105 to the barrel connector then connect them up after I am done. This will save me from connecting and disconnecting wires from the switch as the book had said.

Thanks for the tips, this will help shorten the install time. I knew there had to be a shortcut.