How many dishes needed ?


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Apr 25, 2004
I am a newbie thinking of switching to dish network from cable. My interest in dish is because of international programming that has become recently available on dish network.

I want to have
1). AT 120 (110 , 119)
2). Locals (105)
3). International Ch 799 (121).

What is the dish or combo of dishes needed ? Will a Superdish be enough for all 4 locations - 110, 119, 105, 121 ? Can one Superdish with LNB accomodate both 105 & 121 ?

Also, my home, built in July 2000, was wired for cable. Was that cable likely to have been RG-6. How do I find out ? If it is the older cable (not RG6), what is involved with installation ?

to my knowledge it's either the 105 superdish or the 121 superdish can't get both the 105 and 121 sats.Also dish still hasn't relaesed the dp+44 which is what u would need if it was possible to grab 4 sats with one dish
Microyal Dp-41

If you can live with just one receiver you could purchase a DP-41 from the on-line store associated with this forum to hook up 4 antennas. SEE for a hookup diagram. It's slightly incorrect but clearly shows four LNBF inputs.

If you cannot find the stamped markings on the coax, check the size of the inner wire conductor. If it is about as thick as a small paper clip than it's rg6. If it's smaller and about the size of a single conductor in CAT 5e cable, then it's RG59. Incredibly, there are some substandard pukes that are still installing the RG59 in homes today. Hope you got the RG6.
Right now what you want is not a realistic possibility ask again about July. Dish might get their act together and deliver promised equipment. Right now two super dishes would be needed and that just isn't realistic.
lime4x4 said:
but would that switch work for the 105 or 121 sat also?
I don't see why it would not work but I do not have first hand experience with it. The DISHPRO LNBFs for both the FSS (105 & 121) and BSS (110 & 119) (DBS to some) put out the same IF frequency range. That is the frequency band at the LNBF coax connector output going to the switch. Just make sure all LNBFs are DISHPRO and that they LNBFs for 105/121 are superdish type for FSS.
Other Options other than DP

lime4x4 said:
but would that switch work for the 105 or 121 sat also?
According to this thread you can have a 4 satellite set up with the legacy LNBFs. See

The DP-41 I identified is sold on-line by the satellite retailer associated with this forum at

I don't see why they would sell a switch with 4 DishPro LNBF inputs if it didn't work. You may want to send them a question about it. I also note that EBAY no longer lists any single SuperDish LNBFs for sale. Not sure why so that alone may force one to use a legacy set up unless you can find them somewhere else.
What I recommended to the OP over at BBR forums is that he could get a one each of a 105 and 121 Superdish. Use both FSS lnbs as well as one of the 119 lnbs and a DP34 switch. He then should be able to get his locals (105), Gemini TV (121), and the major channels from AT60/120 packages.

The only question that I had (that I've asked already here) is does dish's subscriber system allow both types of dishes on the same account regardinhg programming.

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