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Does Dish's subscriber system allow you to to install two superdishes in order to see both 105 and 121 at the same time. Another member at a forum I visit regularly wants to subscribe to AT60/120, his locals (on 105) and Gemini TV (international at 121 only). All but a few channels for AT60/120 are on 119, so loosing a few public interest or shopping channels aren't really a problem.

Technology wise, he can just hook up the 105, 119, and 121 LNBs to a switch, leaving the extra 119 and both 110 lnbs unhooked. But will Dish's system reject the order for Gemini since he will officially only have a 105 dish that came with his DHA plan?
Dish Network doesn't care how many antennas you have nor how they are installed. They will be happy to sell anybody any programming that they are allowed to receive.

The only restriction they currently have is 6 receivers per account. The receiver models are of no concern to the company but they may be to you because some are simply not capable of being used with a SuperDish. And you will only be offered one SuperDish for free with qualified programming. If you want a 2nd one you will have to purchase it (or a comperable FSS Ku dish) and either install it yourself or pay someone to do it.

If you can't wait for the E* DishPro+ platform equipment, which will allow for up to 4 satellite orbital positions and 2 tuners per drop, there is other equipment available from Spaun & other vendors that will make a 4-sat installation possible.

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