How many Hoppers before E* gets it right (1 Viewer)

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SatelliteGuys Pro
Mar 13, 2007
Lake Worth FL
Also, as many others have mentioned, your signal is not low. It is not on a 100 point scale. If you refuse to believe or cannot understand that, then switch to DirecTV
, Whao I'm speechless or not. So you know, I have been a DirecTV costumer before and left because they were out of my price range. I like Dish I just don't like the run around I got. Dish Tech support was very nice but at the end I end up with another Hopper. Every tech that came here did very Little to fix the problem. Some of them knew the equipment others had nothing but excuses. One thing I notice today is that the signal on 129 was about as good as I ever seen. This guy came in replaced the cable and installed a new dish. It looks.for now, that life is good.
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