How many people have upgraded to the Hopper/Joey system? POLL

How many have upgraded to H/J?

  • Have you already upgraded to the Hopper system?

    Votes: 40 58.0%
  • Do you plan to upgrade?

    Votes: 18 26.1%
  • I don't plan to upgrade.

    Votes: 11 15.9%

  • Total voters


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Poll started based upon:

Well it has been a week since the Hopper hit the market. Just curious how this system has been received here on the satguys website. I have some questions. If anyone who knows how to add a poll to this thread , I would appreciate them adding it so we can gauge just how the hopper system is doing.

1) I would like to know how many people actually upgraded to the new hopper system in the last week?

2)Also how many people will upgrade in the future ?

3)And how many people do NOT plan on upgrading at all ,due to the horror stories about upgrade pricing , installs, lack of features they want etc?

Not added to his thread, but new one started.

In retrospect, I should have added a fourth option: Undecided.
Two Hoppers and three Joeys. Install took about 2.5 hours, mostly waiting for software downloads. It works great and picture quality is definitely better than on 922 and 622.
Planning to wait to upgrade, but not sure how long I can hold out. Can't remember this much excitement about an upgrade since I installed my own first dish back in 1997. Most of my other upgrades were calls from DISH offering free upgrades. Excited because of so many people loving the Hopper in spite of the bugs that have beeen uncov ered. Nervous about the bugs, install horror stories, and the number of people getting outrageous upgrade price quotes. Otherwise I am drooling. Also would be going from a 722 & 612 to 2H/3J so fees would go upp $16 a month. Integration of 2 hoppers would probably push me over the edge so I hope it comes sooner than later.
dare2be said:
I clicked on the fictitious "Undecided" choice as well. ;)

I upgraded on Monday. 2 Hoppers and 1 Joey working great here. No horror stories to speak of.

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