How To Convert HD Video Signal From FiOS Box Output To Panasonic DVR Input? (1 Viewer)


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Feb 28, 2011
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Having solved my AZBox issues, it's now time to turn my attention to my HDTV set-up. Here's the set-up:

1. FiOS HDTV/DVR box: Motorola 7232
2. Panasonic DVR: Model DMR-EZ485V

I'd like to connect a HD output from the FiOS box directly to the DVR in order to make occasional permanent recordings in HD (either directly or from DVR recordings from FiOS). There is an HDMI coming out of the Panasonic which I have hooked up to the Home Theater. HD DVDs are great from the DVR; I just can't get an HD input.

On the Panasonic, the only input capable of receiving HD video is the main coax. The only other input is composite video, which is only SD. The FiOS manual says that the choices for HD output are: HDMI (already in use for the television), a Firewire connector (IEEE-1394), and component video.

It appears as if I have these options:

1. Split the HDMI signal from the FiOS box and somehow convert HDMI to coax. (I'm thinking this will also give me digital audio as well as the HD picture.)

2. Convert the Firewire connector to coax for video and go with analogue audio.

3. Convert the component video output to coax. (I would still need the analogue audio in this case as well.)

For each case, I can also use an S-Video input to the Panasonic. But, I'm not sure if this would be HD or not.

Does anyone know of reasonably-priced converters/adapters, etc, that will get me from Point A to Point B? The other choice woul be to update my Panasonic DVR to one which directly accepts one of the HD inputs from the FiOS box. But, that would be very painful in my household (if you catch my drift!).

Thanks very much for any help & advice!

(FYI, I've attached pdfs of both owner's manuals if this would be helpful.)


  • Motorola_7232P2_User_Guide.pdf
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  • 133EZ48VK.PDF
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I'm not in the US, but from what I know there are very few options you get with HD...

When talking about consumer equipment:
1. Only component and HDMI can carry HD signal (FireWire too, but often disabled and only PCs can record from it if allowed);
2. BlackMagic makes cards with HDMI inputs. Anything but consumer friendly.
3. Hauppagge is the only consumer box allowing HD recording over component. But the analog hole is closing fast.



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The DMR-EZ485V doesn't record in hd, probably only in widescreen 480p at best. It will look pretty good, but definitely not hd.

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