how to do a remote control extension with dish network


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Mar 15, 2012
Is there anyone how can explain how to do a remote extension for TV2? I'm a bit confused on how the to put the splitter on the receiver off of the triplexer.


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Oct 30, 2003
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Which receiver do you have? If it's anything other than a 922 all you need to do is attach a piece of coax to the remote antenna on the back of the receiver and using a barrel connector, connect the antenna. And move the antenna away from the back of the receiver. This improved the response of my 722.


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Aug 19, 2005
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Remove the Antenna from behind the receiver then remove the TV 2 output cable. Now connect a short piece of cable from the port on the receiver that you removed the antenna from. Next connect a short piece of cable from the TV 2 output. Connect these short cables to the 2 output sides of a splitter. connect the TV2 cable that you disconnected to the single port on the splitter. Now at TV2, connect cable coming from receiver to the TV to the single port on another splitter, connect antenna to 1 of the 2 output ports on the splitter then connect the last output port on the splitter to your TV using a short piece of cable and then you are ready to go.
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