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Mar 12, 2011
In the Dishpass options there is a screen to enter a specific channel number for the timer. How do you enter an OTA sub channel number, for example 15.01, 15.02, etc. I can't see how to enter the decimal point. Same is true for tuning to a channel from the keypad. There is no way I can see to tune directly to a sub channel. It seems you can only get to them by using the guide. Am I missing something?


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Dec 3, 2003
For direct tuning, if I want to go to my local channel 18.2, I key in 01802. Don't know if that would be the same for dishpash as I have never tried that.


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Nov 7, 2003
Unfortunately the subchannels we have on our OTA locals are nothing to write home about. :( I don't speak Spanish so the majority of the subchannels are pointless to me.


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Nov 17, 2003
None Your Business
dont you get METV on 19-2? Thats older classic shows :)

its always interesting how smaller markets in some cases have a better options than a bigger city. Here in Minneapolis 3 of the Big 4 are useless for subchannels
CBS has none (owned and operated CBS have none)
Fox has a SD version of My Network (which they also own). The My Network in town has Fox SD on their subchannel
NBC has 24/7 outdated weather

CW has CoolTV and the Country Network
ABC has MeTV and ThisTV...they're owned by Hubbard Broadcasting.....yes the same folks who started USSB back in the DBS infancy days

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