How to fix a warped dish

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Jan 6, 2005
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I recently purchased a 90 cm Geosat Pro dish on Ebay from Satellite_av in California for 99.00 delivered. Good dish for a good price. It arrived In one piece and I thought in good condition. I installed it last Saturday and instantly ran into problems. My south sat is SES 3 103 W and I could get Vertical polarity transponders all day long but nothing from NBC as they are H pol. I swapped LNBF's and receivers and then was adjusting elevation by pulling back on the top of the dish and the NBC Quality would come in big time, I would tighten down the screws and take my hand off the dish and the Q would drop to zero.

I did this for awhile and then finally decided that there was something wrong with the dish...perhaps warped. So I put the Winegard 76cm back up and all came back up so I knew the dish was bad. I contacted satellite_av and they explained that the dish can warp in transit and there is a very simple fix and steered me to their You Tube channel where they explain a very simple trick for fixing a warped dish. After doing this it sure looks better but will have to put it back in service to make sure.

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