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Nov 18, 2006

I'm in the Austin market and have seen that Dish now has Locals in HD available. I have a few questions about adding a 61.5 dish to pick these up (currently running a 1000.2 with a single 622).

First - does this 'wing' dish mount on its own pole, or does it share the mounting post of my existing dish? My current dish is mounted on my roof and given that I can pick up my locals OTA, I may just skip the extra dish if it means more holes in my roof.

Secondly - if I decided that I do want the extra dish, is this something Dish would typically provide? Do they force you into a long term contract in order to get this for 'free'?

And finally, is there a single dish that can pick up 110, 119 and 61.5? I subscribe to the HD Only pack, so it looks like I wouldn't lose anything by dropping 129 and using just 61.5 - but it doesn't seem like there's a single-dish solution for those 3 sats.



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Feb 18, 2008
I asked the same question several weeks back and the answer is no. 110, 119 and 61.5 are too far apart for one dish. I think they told me they have to be within 19 degrees to work with one dish, and 119 and 61.5 are well pass 19 degrees apart.


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Sep 8, 2003
Most of the time Dish will tell you it's free with a 2 year commitment or it's $60 for installation of the wing dish. Get on the chat with some techs until you get the answer you like. I bought mine and put it on a pole but most people don't want to fool with it.

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