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Oct 18, 2006
I just switched back to Dish, but thought I would share how to get the best offer to stay from DirecTV. I might have taken it, but they waited until I already had all new equipment and a shiny new 2 year contract with Dish to make me the offer.

Call and disconnect. They will make you an offer. The next day, after you are disconnected they will call and make you a much better offer. In my case, the first offer was about $30 off from the $160 I have been paying. It would have been $10 less, but I wanted a 2 year commitment. The offer they made me the day after I disconnected was for $50 a month less than that, so $80 a month. It would have gone up by $4 a month the second year. The catch was that I would have kept the equipment I had, an H44, H24, and 3 genies. And the grandfathered program package I have would have changed to Xtra, which is OK, since that would have contained the channels I wanted. Considering that the week before the price point I had told the rep in retention I was aiming for was $100 a month, that would have allowed some room for negotiating an H54 or HS17 as part of the deal. I also wanted the Sports Package, and I'm not sure if that would have been included, but, like I said, even if we added that I could have still come in at the price point I wanted. But as I told her, by the time they made me their best offer, it was too late.

So, if you are willing to spend a night without TV, actually disconnect and then see what they offer you the next day.
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Dec 31, 2006
That's always the rule, it's their wimback team giving you better deals than retention. I've gotten lucky few times when they went all out for deals.
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