How to hook up VIP222K to a second tv(computer) (1 Viewer)


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Sep 26, 2005
Right now my VIP222k is hook up to my HD TV. But i want to connect to my computer too so while my family is watching something on the tv i can watch Hockey games etc on my computer.

Do i just run a coaxial cable from the Home Distribution connector on the back of the Vip22k to a tuner card in my computer?

And will any tuner card work as long as it has a coaxial connector on it?

Will the image of non HDTV feed to my monitor still look good? I just want to mostly watch Penguin games on my computer. Thanks


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Dec 16, 2008
Jacksonville, Florida
That's pretty much correct...any NTSC tuner card should work. You will need to make sure the 222k is in dual mode also...there is a switch behind the right front panel on the receiver.

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