How to record? anyone using a DVD-Recorder??

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May 20, 2004
Manhattan, KS
Since we have no WB, I want to record some of the channels on Galaxy 10R for Gilmore Girls and stuff but want to know how you all are recording? Anyone using a DVD recorder? We just got one at work and I love it. It did a spot on match of a directv tivo recording I couldn't tell the difference between the two, and I wasn't even using s-video.

or do you all just use a vcr?
sadly, I have 2 VCR's set up to the FTA system

Since Duluth locals don't have a WB or UPN (WB is cable only..UPN is on a digital subchannel), I have to use a VCR. I don't see why a DVD recorder wouldn't work
dfergie said:
Get a Replay :) then you dont have to keep up with discs...

How do you deal with recordings? I have a Panasonic TV with replay built in, but never use it anymore since we have the tivo. How is the guide setup or do you just do manual recordings?
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