how will you protect yourself from some thing this

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New Jersey finds gas station rip-offs

Posted: 2008-07-02 10:06:47

WEST ORANGE, N.J. (AP) - As gas prices continue to set records in the Garden State, state officials have ticketed 350 gas station owners for ripping off motorists....

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not surprising having been able to put 22 gallons in my 20 gallon tank more than once.....
Putting 22 gal in a 20 gal tank is not anything new nor anything sinister necessarily. But keeping the "scales" in order has been an issue for quite some time - its not anything new. Its just worse when the gas price is as high as it is.

What can you do? A lot of pumps have a meter showing how much has been pumped (other than the LCD display with your price,...), similar to an odometer. It shows how much gas that pump has dispenced. If the pump has it (and you can find it) that gives you one check on your gas quantity. If you think you have a station which is running on the short side, report it. Most states have an agency to check it out.
Bob- I didn't get more than the tank capacity as you did but I went to a Northern NJ station on my last trip and with 1/4 tank left, was charged for 18.2 gallons. I believe the most I ever pumped before was 17.9 when the guage read E. Now I read this report.
yeah despite having ran out of gas one day, and coasting in a station my van only held 21 gallons.......

yet on a couple occasions 22 gallons.........

rip off alert
Welcome to NJ. Doing our best to make the Bennies Go Home since 1968......

"Benny" - definition: a derogatory term given to tourists who bring traffic at the Jersey Shore to a crawl in the summer..... alleged formed from assuming the worst behaved tourists came from Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, and New York.
That's one out of three stations they inspected. However, the offenses are mostly of the sort "Don't attribute to malice that can be explained by stupidity"

The ones where they don't pump as much as the meter says are the malicious ones and are very difficult to detect by the average motorist.
not surprising having been able to put 22 gallons in my 20 gallon tank more than once.....

Bob you should have done what my brother did when that happened. He Refused to pay, they said we'll call the police, he said call. They called, the Police came, he showed them the owners manual that had a stated capacity of the fuel tank of less than the pump showed was dispensed. Problem solved, Weights and measures were called so they could investigate later on, Pump calibration was checked by the police using a calibrated can. He paid for when he actually got and the station ended up very sorry they ever called the police. He refused to be ripped off and spent the hour it took to fix that problem.

Of course he has never been afraid to take a little longer. I remember he was stopped at a Stop sign waiting for a opening to make his left turn. The Impatient driver behind him passed him on the left to make a right turn. Traffic that had the right of way ran into Mr. impatient So my brother helpfully told the responding police exactly what happened.

That came to my mind last night when I saw someone pass on the left a car waiting for a opening at a Stop sign. That car was going straight across the road. The impatient idiot almost got T-Boned on two sides, or is that a T-Bone.

Gas $4 a gallon and I still see drivers rush away from the red light and screech to a stop at the next light (red light) and repeat and repeat. Did you know that creeping through a intersection against a red light shortens the mileage or driving time? I didn't know that but somebody must think so they keep doing it. :rolleyes:
\Copyright 2008 the Associated Press. The information contained in the AP news report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press.

I suppose you didn't read this part.
Ha ha..... Committed a crime to report ON a crime.....

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