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Jan 4, 2005
Redding, CA
I've only had my HR10-250 for 2 weeks now but I am already having an intermittent problem. Every once in a while I will turn the tv on and the screen will be solid green. Nothing will reset the green screen except pressing the format button on the box itself. Using the up errow on the Tivo controller won't switch formats so it has to be done at the box. This definitly seems like a problem with my new equipment. :( Has anyone else had this issue?
Did you setup the formats to use the up arrow button in the menu? You have to specify which formats you want to switch to in the setup menu, otherwise it does nothing.
Yes I set up the remote for changing formats. The problem is the fact that the green screen is showing up at all. It locks the system until I switch formats on the box. I just don't think that should be happening.
Have you tried rebooting the Tivo? Are you connected by HDMI or component? If by HDMI, it wouldn't surprise me. If you are using the component connection and a reboot doesn't help, it could be defective.
I'm using HDMI to HDMI and I have not rebooted the Tivo because cycling through the formats back to 1080i does the trick. I have a huge A/V system so I don't really want to switch to component as it takes about an hour to unhook the equipment and get it all back nice and neat. The problem in and of itself is minor I just don't want it to escalate into a bigger issue. And if no other HD Tivo has this problem I would like a replacement or a fix for the minor problem.

anytime I have seen the problem in the past is because I have something plugged in wrong (or not perfect) so the HR10-250 is getting multiple formats in and not able to decide which to output it in. for example I have the problem when I switch to VCR and the tivo is not in 480i format. For me the up arrow fixes it, so it sounds like you have bigger problems.
My connections are as follow:

HDMI to HDMI out to TV
Optical out to receiver
Standard audio out to receiver (for house speakers)
2 D* satellite inputs
1 Off Air input for local HD
Phone cord

As you can see I am not outputting any video other than what is going to the TV. I don't have a VCR or any other device hooked up to the Tivo. :confused:
I had the same problem with my 1st and 2nd HR10-250 box, using the HDMI connection.....Directv sent me my 3rd, HR10-250. Since, each time, when I trade boxes, I lose all of my recorded programs, I have decided to use the component connection on my third box.....the picture is almost as good as the HDMI-HDMI connection. I got tired of sending the boxes back to D*. No problems, as yet(1 month), when I use the component connection. I would love to use the HDMI connection, for the picture is better....But....If I have a choice of keep sending the HR10-250 back for a replacement....or....using the component connection....I will go with the component connection......D* downloaded the new software that was suppose to fix the problem with HDMI.....I have the new software and was still sending the HR10-250 back for a replacement, since it didn't correct the problem. I have read, where, many people have written that they have never had any problem with the HDMI connection, of which I was one.....until mine went out, on 2 HR10-250 boxes.
I just use the component connection....tired of playing the HDMI connection Game....I believe Directv will fix the the long run.....think I will stick with the component connection, until the problem is solved, even though, for $1000.00, I thought D* had all the bugs worked out, before they put the HR10-250 on the market. Dish Network and Cable TV have some nice offerings but after paying $1000.00 for my first HR10-250, I think I will wait around until they actually...Really....Actually, fix the HDMI output problem, that no one really wants to admit, exist.
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Had the same problem with my unit. When connecting w/ HDMI, everything went green. It's definitely a problem with the HDMI output. D* knows about it, and should replace it. I got a replacement that's working fine.
I use the HDMI/DVI connection and the screen will occasionally go black for a second and then come back. I think it happens every half hour or something.
I connect HDMI to HDMI and I haven't had this problem at all. I've only had the HD-Tivo for a few days though. You guys are making me nervous, I hope I don't start having these problems.
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