HR20 / HR21 / HR22 / R22 CE Release 9/5


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Apr 3, 2005
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Systems in CE:15:07
HR20-100 • HR20-700
HR21-100 • HR21-200 • HR21-700 • HR21Pro
R22-100 • R22-200

Window of opportunity to download:
Friday, September 5, 2008 11:00PM - 2:30AM ET
Saturday, September 6, 2008 11:00PM - 2:30AM ET

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! CE Release Warnings & Agreement

PLEASE READ THIS SECOND! CE Release Download Instructions

If you have any issues with this CE release, please post them in this thread. We'll try to help, and DirecTV will see / be aware of your issue :)

For the latest updates, check out the CE Chat on Friday nights:


The Contents of this CE Download: (Differences based on last National Release)
  • Items from CE:15:01 - High Risk
  • Items from CE:15:02- High Risk
  • Items from CE:15:03- High Risk
  • Items from CE:15:04- High Risk
  • Items from CE:15:05 - Moderate Risk
  • Items from CE:15:06 - Moderate Risk
  • Items from CE:15:07 - Moderate Risk

  • 01 - Under the hood improvements
  • 01 - New Factory Default is to Hide SD Duplicates
  • 01 - Prioritizer Screen updated
  • 01 - Recording tip display from the prioritizer
  • 01 - Added HD Icon to DIRECTV on Demand Queue
  • 01 - Support for Tversity Internet Radio
  • 01 - Closed Captioning
  • 02 - Interactive reliability
  • 02 - reliability when repeating guide setup multiple times
  • 02 - Fixed stuck yellow light after Reset Everything
  • 02 - Removed "Cancel PPV" option when purchased after free preview
  • 02 - closed captioning timing
  • 03 - Various UPnP devices crashing the box
  • 03 - Wireless Adapter – added characters /()~!# to triple tap
  • 04 - Guide scrolling speed
  • 04 - Channel banner surfing speed
  • 04 - Moved Miscellaneous Options under Parental, Fav’s & Setup so there is no need to use Menu+Info to send diagnostic report. :) (CE'ers only)
  • 04 - Mediashare - Display error codes in “unable to access” OSD (CE'ers only)
  • 05 - More Actors per program requires Guide Cache Flush
  • 05 - Audio Options now removed from TV Options if program has only one audio channel
  • 05 - Softpadding is stabalized see notes
  • 06 - Playlist graphics issues when disk 100% full
  • 06 - Mediashare – PPV OSD when playing slide show
  • 06 - Mediashare – Improved video playback after playing photos
  • 06 - Guide scrolling speed
  • 06 - SUPERSKIPTOTICK - Playback stays in FF/REW mode after skip-to-tick
  • 06 - 1080p/24 support – Added information to the Miscellaneous Options screen displaying TV’s reported resolution support on the HDMI output
  • 06 - 1080p/24 support – Added TV resolution option for 1080p. This must be enabled for 1080p to work while in native mode.
  • 07 - R22 Only - tip display setting
  • 07 - Mediashare – Mismatch song titles in info banner and playbar

  • 01 - XM Programs from XM Channels are no longer auto-recorded
  • 01 - Screen saver removed after tuning away from an XM channel
  • 02 - (HR20) video issues on REW x1
  • 02 - (HR21) AC audio levels in certain situations
  • 02 - (MediaShare) Fixed "Unable to Play" message
  • 02 - (DoD) Left Arrow from "all" now works as expected
  • 02 - (DIRECTV2PC) Fixed hang on certain trick plays
  • 03 - UI becoming "sluggish"
  • 03 - Black screen or wrong video after exiting Signal Meter
  • 03 - iTV - Application not restarting when FFWD back to live TV
  • 03 - XM - screen saver displaying complete title of TV-MA program even after parental controls are set to block TV-MA
  • 03 - XM - screen saver displaying information for the previous channel
  • 03 - XM - background lost after reading fortune
  • 03 - Media Share – FFWD and RW not rotating LEDs as it does for recordings/live buffer
  • 04 - R22 – Enabled TV Aspect Ratio screen
  • 04 - Mediashare – Dismiss “channel not purchased” OSD when watching video or photos
  • 04 - Mediashare Tversity – Unable to play single audio or video, but plays ok when using “Play All”
  • 05 - Recording Stability
  • 05 - Currently recording VOD playback is fixed
  • 05 - Fixed issue where deleted programs remained in My Playlist
  • 05 - Recent Searches
  • 06 - Remote Code text for AV1/AV2
  • 06 - Fixed issue with deleting program which has a Won’t Record option in the To Do list
  • 06 - Fixed More Info in Resolution Screen
  • 06 - No “about to change” On Screen Display
  • 07 - Fixed No purchase offer for recorded PPV program
  • 07 - Fixed issue where manual Info Screen in Prioritizer is blank
  • 07 - Record Icon is now removed when stopping recording from grid guide
  • 07 - XM screen saver reliability
  • 07 - Removed OSD with incorrect title
  • 07 - Missing highlight in guide

New feature(s)
  • 01 - Toggle between two recordings with the {PREV} button
  • 01 - Enable DIRECTV2PC (formerly known as Media Share PC)
  • 01 - Enable POKEEYENOW
  • 01 - Song Title on screen-saver (XM Channels)
  • 01 - Channels not subscribed are different color in grid
  • 01 - Support for Cisco Wireless Bridge (WGA600N) - plugs into Ethernet port
  • 01 - POST (Power on Self-Test) of hardware at boot up
  • 03 - Auto Extension – when there is no recording conflict generated by adding additional time and no manually set extensions, the DVR will record 10 seconds before the start time and 2 minutes after the end time of the originally scheduled program. Back to back recordings on one tuner will Auto Extend.
  • 05 - HR20 Only - Added new OSD prompt to offer a temporarily switch into Native Mode during a 1080p program's playback session. This will only appear if you have a HDMI connected 1080p TV and will only appear once per 24 hrs.
  • 07 - HR2x Only - 1080p/24 – Added OSDs for prompting a test for 1080p. This will happen if you attempt to view 1080p content and have never run the test for 1080p AND the TV claims support

  • 01 - POST runs twice if new firmware detected
  • 01 - VERY IMPORTANT - DO NOT add an uninitialized eSATA drive as part of this release. This will erase the internal drive and interfere with booting. If you already have an eSATA configured, it should not have issues (but be aware that you might).
  • 03 - Super Skip to Tick
    Do a Keyword search (all) to turn Skip-to-Tick on or off:


    When on, {<<} followed by {REPLAY} will jump to the previous tick mark (no press & hold) and {>>} followed by {ADVANCE} will jump to the next tick mark .. WooHoo!​
  • Playing a currently downloading DIRECTV On Demand program from the info screen does not play until the download finishes. It will play directly from My Playlist by just pressing the “play” key.
  • 05 - Reverting back to National will delete all recordings made from this CE cycle's code
  • 05 - Softpad feature will take on the following characteristics:
    • Softpad cannot be disabled
    • 30s before, 90s after
    • User or Timer initiated recordings take priority
    • Playback starts at scheduled start time, not at start of softpad
    • Keep or Delete only appears at end of recording softpad or otherwise
    • There will be no indication on trickplay bar of softpad
    • Show will not appear in playlist during beginning of program softpad
    • Record light is off during softpad activity
    If a softpad exists, you can utilize the trickplay features to move through the softpad buffer.
  • 06 - When reporting issues with 1080p, please include the TV resolution information reported from the Miscellaneous Options screen.
  • 06 - SUPERSKIPTOTICK - When on, if in FF or REW mode {REPLAY} will jump to the previous tick mark and {ADVANCE} will jump to the next tick mark, {PLAY} returns playback to PLAY mode.
Please Note: Reverting back to National will delete all recordings made with this version of code.


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Jul 14, 2005
NW Ohio - Buckeye Country
Looks like there is alot of stuff in this one, most looks like tweaks, but it seems to be taking a little longer to do the d/l, mine just went live again at about 5 minutes longer than normal.



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Feb 8, 2008
everything seems to be working faster. i tried the 1080p option but i'm getting the message that my tv doesn't support directv's 1080p broadcast. i noticed under the misc menu that there is some info on the display support for the tv 1080p/60

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Aug 18, 2008
everything seems to be working faster. i tried the 1080p option but i'm getting the message that my tv doesn't support directv's 1080p broadcast. i noticed under the misc menu that there is some info on the display support for the tv 1080p/60


I received the same error message and I have a 61' Samsung 1080p DLP using HDMI...


Aug 29, 2008
Hello everybody, currently installing 0274 on my HR20-100 I'm a long time lurker & first time poster.

I'm currently @ 33% download, could somebody please explain the release notes posted by the OP? Im having some trouble figuring it out. Thx


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Feb 16, 2006
it might be easier if you tell us what part you are having problems figuring out instead of explaining everything.


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Aug 18, 2008
From the first use after the download and a few times since if I'm watching a recorded program and hit the jump back button on the remote it starts the program over instead of just back a few seconds. It didn't do this until the update.

There was also one time that I was fast forwarding at 4x and right about half way through the recording it jumped all the way to live.



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Aug 12, 2005
Rutland, Vermont
No issues from this download and the missing guide scrolling marker and misplaced recording perameters that I had after last weeks downlaod are gone.



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Feb 8, 2008
so far this has been a pretty good release. i need the 1080p issue to be fixed. i think most of us have hd tv's that display 1080p/60 not /24


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Nov 22, 2004
Rochester, NY
Couldn't get it last night, downloading now...Guess I'll have to go to a 1080p tv soon to take advantage of all these new features :D

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