HR20/HR21/R22 CE Release 8/1 0x025E (1 Viewer)

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Apr 3, 2005
Central Michigan
Systems in CE:15:02
HR20-100 version 0x025E (for all)

Please indicate your full model number when posting any issues.
Window of opportunity to download:
Friday, August 1, 2008 11:00PM - 2:30AM ET
Saturday, August 2, 2008 11:00PM - 2:30AM ET

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! CE Release Warnings & Agreement

PLEASE READ THIS SECOND! CE Release Download Instructions

If you have any issues with this CE release, please post them in this thread. We'll try to help, and DirecTV will see / be aware of your issue :)

For the latest updates, check out the CE Chat on Friday nights:

VERY IMPORTANT - If you use an external drive, read note below - you may want to skip this CE release.

  • 01 - Under the hood improvements
  • 01 - New Factory Default is to Hide SD Duplicates
  • 01 - Prioritizer Screen updated
  • 01 - Recording tip display from the prioritizer
  • 01 - Added HD Icon to DIRECTV on Demand Queue
  • 01 - Support for Tversity Internet Radio
  • 01 - Close Captioning
    [*]02 - Interactive reliability
    [*]02 - reliability when repeating guide setup multiple times
    [*]02 - Fixed stuck yellow light after Reset Everything
    [*]02 - Removed "Cancel PPV" option when purchased after free preview
    [*]02 - closed captioning timing

  • 01 - XM Programs from XM Channels are no longer auto-recorded
  • 01 - Screen saver removed after tuning away from an XM channel
    [*]02 - (HR20) video issues on REW x1
    [*]02 - (HR21) AC audio levels in certain situations
    [*]02 - (MediaShare) Fixed "Unable to Play" message
    [*]02 - (DoD) Left Arrow from "all" now works as expected
    [*]02 - (DIRECTV2PC) Fixed hang on certain trick plays

New feature(s)
  • 01 - Toggle between two recordings with the {PREV} button
  • 01 - Enable DIRECTV2PC (formerly known as Media Share PC)
  • 01 - Enable POKEEYENOW
  • 01 - Song Title on screen-saver (XM Channels)
  • 01 - Channels not subscribed are different color in grid
  • 01 - Support for Cisco Wireless Bridge (WGA600N) - plugs into Ethernet port
  • 01 - POST (Power on Self-Test) of hardware at boot up

  • 01 - POST runs twice if new firmware detected
    [*]01 - VERY IMPORTANT - DO NOT add an uninitialized eSATA drive as part of this release. This will erase the internal drive and interfere with booting. If you already have an eSATA configured, it should not have issues (but be aware that you might).
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Proud Staff Member
Staff member
Apr 3, 2005
Central Michigan
Our friends at DIRECTV have told us that the diagnostic reports are incredibly helpful. Please submit one every time, if you are networked. Even if you have rebooted or if it has been hours or days, these reports can still help.

A reminder on how to use Network Diagnostics reporting:

To activate, do a Keyword search for IAMANEDGECUTTER

*** Network must be properly set up and working to use this feature ***
  1. Use the Menu+Info keys on the DVR to get to the Misc Options screen
  2. Select the Report option
  3. Click on Send
  4. Wait for it to finish
  5. You will receive a confirmation key in your response.
  6. *** Please include this key in any problem report you make ***
  7. Please note that you can only send one report per hour
  8. If you do not have a network connection, you will not have this option
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@ your service
Supporting Founder
Feb 8, 2008
lost widgets. the box is responding a little better compared to last weeks CE


SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 2, 2005
Audubon, NJ
I am still having problems with the REPEAT SEARCH function. First time problem occurred was last week's CE and same thing with this weeks. When I do a repeat search it just searches and searches, when working correctly results are displayed in seconds.

I reverted back to the National release and the repeat search function works perfect. So there is no doubt for me it's something with the CE release.

I have the HR21 and I'm using a 1TB External Drive.
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