HR24-100 Wiring diagram.

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Apr 23, 2020
Rutherfordton NC
Good Afternoon all. I retired from the Satellite TV Business 10 years ago BUT I'm still called upon at the Camp Ground I'm a member at. I Was a Dish Net dealer from Day one so DTV is not my Strong point. I have a Neighbor that brought his HR24-100 to the Campground. I installed his Slimline with SWM3 LNB. Great Signal but We can't get a signal on the receiver. I'm Using Super Buddy and "Dithered" the dish. Couple of Questions:

There are 2 Satellite Inputs on the HR24-100. Is there a Missing component like Dish has with their Seperator?
Is the Swm3 The Correct LNB for this receiver?
I have a feeling there is a Component missing or a Swim adapter.
Thanks for any insight you can shed.
First, is there a DIRECTV Power Inserter (PI) correctly installed to power the LNB?

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You need the Power Inserter HoTat2 mentioned ...
For this situation, I would run the line from the LNB into the Power to SWM connector, then run another coax from the Signal to IRD to the Sat input 1 (should say (SWM) next to Sat 1.
What about about Input 2? Is there a Splitter/Seperator Required? Is SWM3 LNB Correct? Thank You.
No ...

No splitter separators like the Dish DPP separator are ever used with DIRECTV DVRs.

The Satellite 2 input is used for older ("non-SWiM") legacy installations to feed the satellite receiver's second tuner from a legacy voltage and tone type multiswitch.

For SWiM installs though, you only use the Satellite 1 input port.

And the SWiM 3 LNB is fine, if you have a 21 or 29v PI to power it in your setup there. ...

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If there is 1 output on your LNB, you need the 21 volt power inserter.

If there are 4 outputs on your LNB, then 2 wires to the receiver. You will also need 2 B band converters.
The 2nd scenario Claude listed is a Legacy set up, seeing you have a SWM LNB already, your better off to just add the Power Inserter and be done with it.

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