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Mar 15, 2007
Spotsylvania VA
I have hughes net I am on Satellite IA6 it hase sucked for the last month and then stoped working. My question is i also have vonage used to work OK now it does not work at all. Can i change the satellite i am pointing at and reconfig the modem and if so which one is the best.
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Jan 17, 2006
IA6 has some issues (they lost some of the transponders). I know it sucks but call hughes, they will either put you on a different transponder or generate a work order to have your dish repointed to a different sat.
As for Vontage, my understanding with changes to the sat tx, vontage does not work with far a I know. I have people using skype with some success.


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Jun 19, 2005
land of the ice and snow
We received a lot of orders for disaster recovery for repoints from IA6 or G26. This is what notes Hughes put on the SO.

IA6 recovery repair order. Expedite.Recover communications by changing transponder as noted below. IF 5200 4k 30 Msps DVB 1046Mhz Horizontal Receive CHANGE TO 3k 45Msps DVB 1039.5Mhz Vertical ReceiveIF 5300 28K 21.5Msps ACM 1433.5Mhz Horizontal Receive CHANGE TO 18k 24Msps DVBS2 1278.5Mhz Horizontal ReceiveIF 5400 14k 24Msps ACM 1216.5Mhz Horizontal Receive CHANGE TO 18K 24Msps DVBS2 1278.5Mhz Horizontal ReceiveIF 6400 5k 21.5Msps ACM 1086Mhz Horizontal Receive CHANGE TO 16K 24Msps DVBS2 1278.5Mhz Horizontal Receive If, after making the change, the system still cannot browse repoint to default satellite.
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